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He's gotten quite used to the Nexus hospital.

It's been several days since Rassilon came out of his coma and while the bruises have gone down and there are mutterings of unwiring his jaws, soon, he's spent most of this time asleep or trying to move his fingers.

He has, at least, had visitors, as well as Kiam's constant presence. However, he would occasionally prevail on her to--for the love of small things!--go and get some food or some sleep in something other than a chair. There were doctors and Doctors in and out of the place at all hours of the night, which didn't bother him, as they either made sure he was progressing or brought him amusing things. ("It's the cutest cold in the universe!" Ten had fairly squeebled.)

Most of the time he simply lay there, staring at the ceiling, idly listening to the minds and voices around him and wondering if it'd be worth it to advance time around himself a few months just to be out of there.

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"Mmm well. I haven't been at the school much, so I missed most of it as well. As it is, I'm back and forth. But they seem to be handling it quite well."

From Gabriel's limited POV, anyway. Even with all the uproar, it's not the heaviest weight on his mind. Other things are bothering him.

"Although I did feel a bit strange when I saw they had a child--before I knew it was a school project."


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