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He'd paced, drunk tea, watched horrible B-grade horror movies, surfed the Nexus Internet, bought a dreadful wall clock and an incomprehensible object d'art taller than he was, drunk more tea, downloaded the entire first season of So You Think You Can Dance, while pacing some more, drinking more tea, swallowing stimulant pills, watching some horrible infomercial about Pilates balls and snerking thinly at the inevitable images of people looking incredibly silly using them...

And after two days of this, he finally fell over on the sofa. In the condition he was in, he couldn't fight sleep for long, no matter how frightened he was.

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And as he descends into REM sleep, Carter is there, waiting for him in a broad, featureless prairie, grass tickling up to both their knees. The Nug-Soth's robes are dusty and worn, his mask plain. But he still towers over Rassilon, physically, and he makes no attempt to hide his power. "Lord," he says, quietly.

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He'd like to wake up, now. But knows that in the presence of the dreamwalker, that's impossible. So he'll ... look up. And up.

Breathe, you daft old fool. You've fought vampires and countless potentates and your own Pythia.

Yes, but they were enemies.

Talking to myself. Really am going mad.

He forced himself to breathe.

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Sigh. "Must we go through this every time, Lord?" Heh, Time-Lord. "I wish you no harm. I only want to speak with you for a few moments."

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"You'll forgive me a modicum of trepidation..." he started, but it trailed off. A modicum of trepidation in light of what? Any explanation of his reaction would sound pathetic. He took another deep breath and shook his head. "Never mind that. What is it you wish to say?"

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"I wish first to inform you, Lord, that I am not unaware of the reason for your absence these past months." He'll let Rassilon absorb that for a moment, first, and consider the implications.

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That's a lot of implications. And implications of implications. "I see," is really all Rassilon can say in reply to this. He couldn't read the individual standing before him at all and moreso, dared not even try. "Well, as to that, I'm ... ahem well, I'm doing much better. Not completely healed, but ... better."

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"Physically, at least."


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There's a pause. A breeze blows.

"Well. I've the feeling I didn't so much walk into that one as I marched unwaveringly into it with hobnailed boots on," comes the dry response.

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"You could say that." Just as dry, the buzz-click oh his voice sharper than usual -- a thicker accent, even in his dreams, making up for the lack of his customary pauses. "I regret what I have to say next, Lord Rassilon. But given your actions in the Sanctuary, I must request that you not come to the Dreamlands again, until it can be guaranteed that something similar would not take place there."

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He nods, a quiet breath escaping him. He'd figured as much. "As you wish."

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Carter nods and bows to him, quite deeply indeed. "Fare thee well, Lord Rassilon. May your travels be unseen."
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