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The Thoughts Of Rassilon

Or: How Many Artefacts Again?

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((This journal, obviously, is for roleplay purposes only. I don't own the concept of Rassilon or anything else posited in the Dr. Who original series, New Series, or any of the novels. And I'm not some whackjob who thinks I'm Rassilon. That'd be a neat trick, really.

Of note:

This is an AU characterisation of Rassilon, mainly because I came up with it before the New Series decided he was a desperately machiavellian bastard who looked like Timothy Dalton. He exists in regurla time and space despite Time Locks and whatnot because he's frankly too powerful to be constrained to a single timeline. Rassilon is everywhere, existing in all of time, like a version of Yog-Sothoth you can actually talk to. That sounded cheesy, but there it is.

Applicable TVTropes entries include: Sufficiently Advanced Aliens, Mr. Vice Guy, Human Alien, God Mode Sue, Crystal Spires And Togas, Bizarre Alien Biology, Exiled To The Couch, Interspecies Romance, Jumping The Gender Barrier, Ladykiller In Love, Polyamory, Mayfly December Romance, Power Perversion Potential, Really Gets Around... and I'm going to stop for now.))
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