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Name: Yume!
Do you play any other characters in Outer Divide? nope

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Character Name: Rassilon
Fandom: Doctor Who
OU, AU, or CR AU: AU, maybe a bit of CR AU
Canon Point: Any time before the New Series.
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Appearance: Five-foot-nothing, ginger as all getout, with wavy more-or-less-shoulder-length hair and a short, neat beard. Green eyes greener than the greenest thing in the universe and then some. Occasionally they glow, as in they emit light. Appears to be in his mid-forties. Slender build. Radiates a kind of wolfish and playful sensuality. Likes to wear lots of colours and no shoes.

World History: (OC? AHAHAHAH.... Oh, dear god, I can't claim responsibility for Doctor Who...)

Character History: Zillions of years ago on Gallifrey there was--yanno what, even the canon history can't seem to make up its mind about this. Were the Pythiae a thing? What's this Loom nonsense? Time Tots? SERIOUSLY? Was Rassilon good or evil or just a nutter? Did the Other exist? Was he the Doctor or the Doctor later or Merlin or something something Timewyrm something ouruborous blargle meeble flerp? Was Omega an eminent scientist or some lucky bloke with his head in a soup can who happened to slap together a stellar manipulator on a Sunday afternoon, like y'do? Just when did Gallifrey exist or not exist or exist again in a wobble of wibbly time only to implode seconds after being time-locked? So I'm going to do the same thing the writers of the show/books have been doing for half a century--I'm going to keep the bits I like and drop the bits I don't. SO.

Zillions of years ago on Gallifrey, when the Universe was less than half its present size (which tells you just how long ago that was) and everyone still thought warp matrix engineering was The Next Big Thing, Gallifreyans were just that--Gallifreyans, a race of time-sensitive telepaths with a really high drive for technological advancement. They'd flattened every other aspect of science and stuffed it in their collective pockets to pull out and giggle at on a rainy afternoon, so they turned their sights on the last thing there was to own--time, itself. They wanted to tame it and sail it like a crusty old sea captain. This is where a chap named Rassilon and his buddy Omega come into play (and not a word has been said about their lives before this point, as though they'd simply sprung into existence right then), as they had drawn up elabourate plans for time travel vessels that, unfortunately, required enormous power. Omega built a semi-sapient stellar manipulator with which to customise stars. Now, the original purpose of this device and its ultimate use were never satisfactorily linked, but the story goes that Omega used said stellar manipulator to cause a nearby star to go supernova, whereupon he and Rassilon could harness that energy... by use of... something never specified. However, plot being what it is or, rather, isn't, Omega was sucked into another dimension not to be seen again until someone got the idea for a cracking good villain to pit William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, AND Jon Pertwee against. And then, later, Peter Davison. Gallifrey (and Rassilon) mourned and then got on with things as Rassilon had succeeded in harnessing that energy but it clearly wasn't enough. So he needed to try again. HE created a... erm... a thing called the Sash of Rassilon which apparently created some kind of protective force that stopped him meeting the same fate as Omega did and tried another star. This one was forced to become a black hole and was... somehow... brought back to Gallifrey and, as the tale goes, 'set in a dynamic equation against the mass of the planet so that they may neither flux, nor wither, nor change their state in any measure,' which means... well, I've no idea what it means and neither does anybody else. Rassilon managed to do this as a feat of dizzyingly high mathematics--the kind where if you forget to carry the 1 somewhere along the line, everyone can suddenly run at mach five and glass is something you can just poke your hand through and watch it wobble for a laugh. So they--the Gallifreyans, that is, not the runners and glass-pokers--had their power source and could invent the TARDISes and Time Scoops and whatnot and become the Lords of Time. Jolly good! Let's do like Rome will in another several thousand years and annex other races with lesser technology and create a giant arena for them to fight for our amusement in!

Only they made the mistake of electing a scientist as their first ever Lord President of the High Council of Time Lords and that scientist was the selfsame Rassilon. Rassilon, Omega, and some shadowy fellow called The Other had been more or less in charge of everything even before the time travel experiments and now, with Omega gone, this job was given to Rassilon and ostensibly to the Other because... he was there, I guess. Now. Being a decent type, Rassilon put the kibosh on all this Roman stuff pretty quickly and went on to draft the Laws of Time and other such things. Along the way he invented a lot of things that the Time Lords later stuck his name onto: things that amplified one's mental powers or served as power sources for terrifying weapons or allowed one to access the Eye of Harmony--er, the black hole thing I mentioned earlier, or... whatever the Ring of Rassilon does. Oh, and the symbiotic nuclei, too, because why not, sure, he can do genetics, too. Bit of a polymath. A Renaissance Gallifreyan.

Somewhere in this confusing mishmash of Gallifreyan history he also led the war against the Great Vampire and his spawn. With bowships! That fired planet-sized silver arrows to kill these giant, giant creatures because there's no such thing as silly in Doctor Who!

Things were going pretty well for Gallifrey now, and Rassilon decided, 'bugger this noise, I need a holiday.' So he had a Tower built and apparently faked his own death so that he could be interred in a nice, quiet Tomb with excellent wi-fi for the rest of eternity because, oh, right, he was immortal by then. Never explained that, either, did you, Doctor Who writers? Only he didn't fake it very well because people kept going up there wanting him to share his immortality, which he knew was a really bad idea, thus his penchant for turning them into statues through... some... mechanism nobody bothered to explain because Clarke's Law is a great cop out. Round about that time the Other vanished completely in a puff of insane theories.

And that's all the canon has had to say about him--all that's coherent, anyway. I left out all the argy-bargy with the Pythiae and the Looms and whatnot because I think it's utter shite. Used to like it but I look back on it now and wonder what I was drinking. And I'm staying away from the New Series' characterisation because it's astonishingly unoriginal--what's that you say? Madness and treachery and evil amid the Time Lord elite? That's only EVERY GALLIFREY-BASED PLOT SINCE 19-BLOODY-74. JESUS CHRIST, COME UP WITH SOMETHING NEW, YA LAZY DOORKNOBS.


AU History: **If you're not apping an AU character, omit this section.**

Previous Game History: **If you're not apping a CR AU, omit this section.**


Powers/Abilities: Canonically, Rassilon is a Gary Stu and I left his universe-bending powers intact in the last game I played him in, but that really doesn't fly in anything other than those freeform multiverse things. Originally he was a multipowered psionic capable of ridiculous, godlike levels of telepathy, telekinesis, mind control, and temporal manipulation.

Not here, he ain't. Wearing a physical form should have diminished his power greatly and it does do so here. To wit:

-His telepathy is now a very personal thing, limited to 'networking' maybe three or four people and one-on-one scanning. Any deep scanning would take the better part of a day to do and would leave him exhausted.

-Mind control is out of the question unless his pushes his abilities and even then it'll only last for a few minutes before he blacks out with a horrible nosebleed.

-Telekinesis is limited to objects the relative mass of one of those itty little smart-cars. Maybe one with a really small driver in.

-Temporal manipulation, which is difficult to explain, can only be done to himself or one other person he is in physical contact with. What this means is that he can advance or rewind time for himself or that other person to the extent of maybe 24 hours. Great for fast-forwarding through the worst part of a cold but not much else. Again, doing that takes a lot out of him.

-His time sense can stay at the level of any other Gallifreyan's. All of his species are time-sensitive and can literally see it wibble and wobble and which directions it's going and where the artrons are all balled up... kind of like Neo seeing the Matrix only with less silly wallpapering. Stopping and smelling the chronons, if you will.

-The only special thing I'd like to leave him with is the ability to mentally pop small objects, like a glass of water or a book, out of space and time. It has to be something from somewhere he's been or he has to make sure he goes to that place later to make sure it's there to have been retrieved. Say he pops a glass of water out of tomorrow afternoon. He then has to remember to pour a glass of water that next day and place it on a table for it to disappear from, else time will get even more wibbly wobbly and he'll have to sit down for the next day or so to write out the maths that'll fix it again. Needless to say, he doesn't pluck things out of the future unless he absolutely has to.

He's also a fookin genius in canon and I can't in good conscience alter that in any way. Thus he's a mathematician and engineer of terrifying skill and a ludicrously handy inventor. Building high-tech machinery out of scraps in a cave sort of thing.

That having been said, I'm also all for the idea that he arrives a bit more powerful than this and is promptly tackled into the dust by the Authority and inhibitor-collared like the deus ex machina he was clearly created to be, because I loves me some character drama.

Possessions: It may be easier to start out with what he hasn't got: namely that he hasn't got access to any of the dozen or so artefacts that the old series writers loved to tack his name onto. No Sash, no Coronet, no Ring, nothing. No transmat to any Tower with a Tomb in and definitely no stupid Harp. No Rod with which to open up floors. No Great Key with which to make a de-mat gun. None of that stuff. And he'll never have that gauntlet or staff that Timothy Dalton was waving about.

So what does he have, besides the clothes on his back which consist of a few layers of colourful robes? Well, he's got pockets with a few inconsequential Gallifreyan thisthats like the most timey-wimey comb in existence, a few bronze pandaks, a nail clipper with absolutely nothing special about it, a transdimensional bus ticket stub, a piece of paper with someone's comm number scrawled on it, a thing his aunt gave him that he doesn't know what it is, a validium sphere, a tiny Gallifreyan/Eldritch dictionary, a--what? What's a validium sphere? Well, it's a ball of iridescent living metal roughly the size of a tennis ball that can be phased through time and dimensions and is vaguely sapient in the way a really stupid dog is vaguely sapient. It doesn't do a bloody thing on its own except orbit him in a head-level hover and radiate OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY kind of stupid happiness to anyone who can sense it. It snuggles people, too, which I don't have to tell you is a bit bizarre. The thing doesn't lend him any kind of advantage except maybe to hit people upside the head with but he loves it like a pet. Have I mentioned he's a bit off?


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