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Rassilon had asked, not long ago, if he mightn't take a look at that amulet that Jeff had taken off of Soze, the one that had allowed their minds to connect, however briefly, despite any and all mental shielding. A gift from a daemon, the others had said. Now, Rassilon had no truck with the supernatural, but he did know from otherdimensional beings and the kind of shenanigans they pulled, and he figured he'd feel a lot safer after he put the thing through a full analysis.

So he sat waiting patiently, now, in his laboratory, a place filled with machines whose purpose most other people could only guess at.

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Several hours pass before Jeff joins him. He doesn't begin to understand the myriad processes and analysis going on around him, so he stays well out of the way and lets Ras do his thing. Even now he stays in the doorway, in case one of the mysterious machines would be upset by the extra presence in here. He knocks politely on the doorframe.

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Rassilon looks up from a terribly, terribly important procedure involving infusion of heated water with distillations of tannins and similar natural chemicals to a very specific consistency.

"Hullo, Jeff." He removes the medium of distillation. "Tea?"

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"I'd love some, Ras." So it's safe to come in then. He does so, greeting Rassilon with a kiss on the cheek. "Did you find out anything interesting?"

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Rassilon hands Jeff a mug of tea and directs him to the tea things. He, himself, idly sugars his own and adds milk while he speaks.

"It depends on what you consider 'interesting.' The object's clearly infused with several kinds of energies, and it took me an inordinate amount of time to pin down what they were." He sips the tea and nods with that slight mm sound he makes when he gets a consumable to his satisfaction. Then it's back to business. "I've got most of the analysis results up here, and it's running through a final CDTS* right now." Indeed, the amulet floated in a gravity bubble, turning slowly, lines of light flickering over it and creating a grid of almost impossibly small squares or diamonds or hexes. Next to it, a holoscreen--there wasn't any other word for it--swirled with the by now familiar Gallifreyan text.

"Now. I started with a simple molecular analysis." He plops himself into a wheeled desk chair of the kind seen all over the cosmos and pokes a holoscreen. Damned if the results on this one don't resolve themselves into English. "It's nothing more than a lump of carved onyx, but as any hawker of the supernatural will tell you, the simple things are often the most effective. Onyx is a form of quartz, albeit one with an incredibly dense, repetitive, and enmeshed crystalline structure." The screen helpfully shows a 3D graphic of otherwise neat crystal structures, layered into almost incomprehensibility. "Its refractive index is terribly narrow and its birefringence very small, which means its piezoelectric properties are extremely limited and, in a word, esoteric. So much so, that the charge it responds to is..." The screen switches to another graphic, that looks like a glowing image of a humanoid form. "The subtle electromagnetic field of the human brain." Close-up of the head. "Specifically yours and Soze's." Complicated DNA readouts add themselves to the image. "Molecular bioscan picked up traces of both your genetic material somehow worked into the stone itself. Possibly permeated through some sort of low-frequency end-spectrum radiation that'd penetrate the crystals yet leave the coding intact." The image of the anonymous head now shows a brain. "With this information, it can somehow create a kind of harmonic wave that latches onto your mind and his and forces them into a unified pattern either through here..." He indicates a slowly pulsing glow near the centre of the brain. "...what you refer to as the hypothalamus or..." the glowing spot shifts forward slightly. "...the prefrontal cortex."

*((Cross-Dimensional Temporal Slice, so that at least the mun isn't confused.))

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Jeff makes his way over to the tea and prepares a cup for himself (no sugar, just enough milk to cloud the mixture), and takes a seat. He has a feeling he'll be grateful he's sitting down for this. He listens to Ras carefully, and is silent for a long moment as he absorbs all the information. He takes a slow sip of tea, digesting both mentally and physically.

"Okay," he says slowly, "I think I understand. What you're saying is that this thing was apparently made to work specifically on Soze and I, and no one else, correct?" That realization is going to require another fortifying and above all calming sip of tea. "And when it's activated, it...alters our brain waves so they're in sync?" He takes a deep breath. "I can certainly tell you the practical result. It felt like the bond was back, only much, much stronger. We were...almost as close as we were when we were infected by those spores. We were still separate people, but...not by much. I could sense everything. His thoughts, feelings, we were...two parts of a whole."

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Rassilon sighs, eyeing the seemingly innocuous-looking thing as though it were a colony of roaches. "The more I know about this thing, the less I like it." He literally moves his fingers through a series of controls, more of the same holo-emitted stuff as the readouts. "It shouldn't be able to penetrate the mental shielding, but it does, and dangerously so. There are a series of harmonics that resonate through it that off all of the scales, and I don't have to tell you what that means." He seems frustrated with the thing, now. "If you want my opinion, it should just be destroyed now."

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He blinks, staring at the amulet as if he's afraid it will jump out of the stasis field and bite him. "Um...well...I'm guessing that series of harmonics is probably not good, but...I'm not sure precisely what that means." He gives Rassilon an embarrassed smile. "As for destroying it, I'm not going to argue with you. Just knowing it's from a demon is enough of a reason as far as I'm concerned. worry is that it might be booby-trapped somehow. Maybe some kind of backlash if it's destroyed?"

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"It means they're unmeasurable."

Rassilon leans his chin on his hand and glares at the amulet. Meh-face, sir. Meh-face. "As to backlash, that's what gravity bubbles and temporal cordoning is for. Any energy that'd discharge from it would be contained." He doesn't add the theoretically that hangs at the end of that statement. The unreadable harmonic frequencies put too many variables into any conclusion and that is something he Just Does Not Like.

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"...oh." Well. He feels a bit silly now. But anything that can't be read by this collection of ungodly complex machinery? Has to be a Bad Thing, as far as Jeff's concerned. "Have you found out anything else? I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to convince Keyser to let us destroy it if we just tell him it forcibly synchronizes our brainwaves. I'm fairly sure he liked that part." And so did Jeff, but that's not something he's about to readily admit, even to himself.


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