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He'd cheated a bit, but who could blame him? This entire healing process was going to take ages and the last thing Rassilon wanted to do was lie on his back in a hospital bed and stare at the ceiling the whole time.

So he sped up time around himself. Accellerated the healing. And the Nexus doctors knew that was what he was doing, but there wasn't anything for it but to unwire his jaw and to remove the halo traction ahead of the normal schedule because the outward damage had healed. It was as simple as that.

He could still only barely move, though. That was taking longer. And they weren't happy with the idea of his making up for the inability to move with telekinesis. Still, time was on his side. It usually was.

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And Savannah peeked in and knocked on his door, bearing a pretty bouquet of yellow and white roses, picked from PrIME's extensive gardens.


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The room's the same as it always is, though maybe decorated with a few more things, and he's watching television, appearing mind-numbingly bored with it.

"Hullo, Savannah," he says. His voice is a bit reedy, but he is actually speaking!

... and he has no hair.

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"Hi, oh, you seem much better from when I saw you before! Here, I brought you flowers but...heh, well, don't tell Snape!"

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"Wouldn't dream of it. Not the sort of man I'd seek out for conversation." The television clicks off without any apparent need for a remote. He looks up at Savannah from the nest he and others have made out of the bed. "Er, why shouldn't I, just out of curiosity?"

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"Well, I sorta...picked 'em out of the garden without asking. But there's acres of rosebushes! All in bloom, it's very very pretty and no one will miss these."

She searches for a jar or vase to put them in.

"You're healing a lot faster than I Gallifreyans just heal very quickly, or is this a really great hospital?"

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Rassilon is amused.

"Personally, I beleive the more fastidious the individual they belong to, the more they're there to be picked."

There's a vase over there, next to the BIG bowl of jelly babies one of the Doctors left there. He sees her find it. "Have one. They're rather good."

In answer to her question, he puts on the most innocent look ever to grace a Gallifreyan countenance. Really. Palpably innocent. "Oh, a little of Column A, a little of Column B, a little temporal manipulation..."

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Savannah puts the flowers in the vase and helps herself to a candy, and turns back to smile at him when he explains his recovery.

"Aaaah, I knew it! The mortal path is far too slow for your liking. Oh, uh, speaking of paths, in fact, not really speaking of paths at all, I hope it's not a shock tot learn that I've been moved to PrIME completely...I didn't want to go against your hospitality, but Dad thought it'd be better if I lived at the, 's that alright?"

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He nods. "Your father has, after all, been spending a great deal of time there. You shouldn't be separated. You'll be attending classes there, I expect?"

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"Yeah, I'm in five classes, including my dad's class, and it's been good so far, though I serve quite a bit of detention, I'm afraid."

She smiles, and then thinks to his mind, or at least attempts to. With the loss of the web strands, she's forgotten how to "think out loud". Z hasn't been talking to either of us lately, and Dad and I are both disconnected from his web.

Date: 2007-04-28 05:33 am (UTC)From: [identity profile]
He catches it halfway through, connecting his mind to hers, effortlessly.

Would you repeat that, please? It was a little difficult to catch. Something's ... Your psychic web-threads are gone. Thinky-face.

Date: 2007-04-28 05:38 am (UTC)From: [identity profile]
Yeah. Z is...well, he's just gone. The web is no longer there for me, or for Dad. I'm not..well, I'm not unhappy about being out of the web, but I worry about Z, we can't find him.

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As usual, Gabe arrives in the early afternoon with a thermos of tea and a book.

"How're you feeling today?" Ah, routine. There's a certain comfort in it.

Date: 2007-04-28 05:34 am (UTC)From: [identity profile]
He'd been improving remarkably quickly. Every time Gabriel came in, there was something better.

"Bored. Achingly bored. You?"


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